September 3, 2014 — The elephant and the squirrel ride a bike

The squirrel’s head is slightly out of the elephant’s bag as he rides the bike. She’s curiously peeking at the world, hiding inside the bag for a few seconds whenever she feels cold, then quickly back up again to get her share of the scenery! She sees colors and possibilities everywhere, everywhere, when she’s with the elephant.

Ideas bloom, flowers in buckets, thoughts become alive..

I liked seeing you via Skype yesterday at the coffee shop. It was, on the level of the senses, stimulating. As I was watching you through the limitations of a digital frame, but could hear the clatter of dishes and various other sounds around you. I was also happy to see the lady as she drew something on the blackboard, although I dislike blackboards in general, they’re too dry for my taste and they give me the goosebumps!

The dark grey cardigan accentuates your complexion, you were wearing it weren’t you? You looked so handsome!
Ah, I have never seen you driving a bicycle!:) Next Tuesday, I’m going with my sister to bike and Sunday with my brother :)

I will call you tonight, because I miss you and I have stories to tell you!



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