On the way to the supermarket


I will quickly drive home now, to call you! (I am using the bike, to practice :))

I only quickly report my morning elephantism, while I spend almost an hour to repair my additional shaving instrument. It felt down, collapsed into various pieces, and it took me forever to find the most important but very little connection-piece and then finally manage to repair the device… I was happy, but I lost more than an hour.

The working day was OK though. Now I have some evening sun. I am thinking about my dinner-options. (And I miss you…) 

In the morning I had these wonderful messages of you. I was biking to the office and I could not stop thinking of you.

Now I will call you. I want to hear you voice :)

But be careful while you are driving your bike. (You should not drive it like you drive your car :)… On my way back, you will sit inside of my bag and you will certainly make all kind of comments and suggestions:), where to stop or to go… First we will go to the supermarket to buy a few things…)

By the way I am looking so much forward to go the supermarket with you… I like the expression of curiosity and determination in you face..:)





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