September 2, 2014 — A glass of wine

Dear L*,

My dear darling, I miss you. A surge of longing takes over me and throughout the day, the promise of meeting you persists, it takes over and remains afloat around me.

At the office here, what surrounds me is constant, the white tables, my Mac, the curtain. The monophonic sound of the elevator fades in the background with the voices of men and women chattering, it is much more bareable than the ticking of the clock at the house in Gemmeyze where we were staying. Perhaps it’s a matter of habit and deeply ingrained expectations, as from this space, one would expect bells and ringing and an amalgam of the greyest melodies on Earth, including talk about event execution, purchasing, prices, petty useless banter about names of printing houses. Without personal meaning, I find this type of planning a waste of spirit, unless the person doing it finds this type of work energizing and balancing. It is in the end, about the individual’s outflow and balance of emotions and energy.

I do enjoy setting up to-do lists at work though, but they are always paired with personal to-dos. This way I know that what awaits me is exciting and worth my energy, a treat. I like to know that I have to read that much of something this day, or to check whether my laptop needs formatting before I tavel. Will I need an extra iPhone charger and does my iPhone have enough memory to hold for a couple of years? The process of preparation has its charms. Ah, you wouldn’t want to look at my current list!

I miss you, again I say. I really do, and I cannot wait to have you around me at all times, in the safety of a home and under warm covers.

Are there movies old and new, that ignite your interest? Share the list so that I may prepare them. I discovered a DVD place here in Hamra that sells movie treasures and transforms vinyl content to DVD! It is called Chico and it’s right across Socrates the restaurant.

Um, and what do I want to do right now? Many things, of which I will tell you when I see you. I will start our conversation with a subtle kiss, somewhere along the left side of your lips and then I will move closer to the middle. A glass of wine is a good idea as well. I miss everything.












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