A glass of wine


yes a glass of wine would be good now.. I mean you will have one, I will have an Almaza. (I am drinking carrot juice with ginger now, which reminds me of my sports session in Beirut. Now I am having a traveling session behind me.)

I am sitting in a coffee place near by, where I also could skype with you, but I think you are already out of the office.

I bought a magazine for you, it is called “Exberliner” and this issue is about “Berlin’s digital rebellion”, I thought you might want to check it out later. :)

I also spoke to a neighbor, that I have never spoken before. I just met her in front of the house, while I was searching for my key. We spoke about the bathroom issue and then she showed me right away hers, which was nice, so I could get another impression. (She is pretty much in favor of the shower-solution, but I will wait for my friend to check the situation and then decide.)

I should also start to do a “To-do-list” to prepare everything at the house for the arrival of my sweetheart :) (Well the bathroom topic is one thing already.)

In the morning I was sitting on the balcony with my sister, after an early job meeting. We were sitting in the sun and had a late breakfast, with a lot of wasps :)… but also with fruits from the garden of my grandmother.

Now I am about to go to the house to prepare some potatoes with vegetables maybe. We will see. (I will also imagine how it would be if you would sit next to me right now, drinking a glass of wine… Well… We definitely would not start to cook, when we would reach the apartment. We would do something else. :) I would also kiss you… I would kiss you and… then… (I would kiss you again :))

I miss you, my most sweetest baby!



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