This is wonderful squirrelism, what you wrote. I am reading it while I am lying on the couch at my sisters house after a late sunday afternoon nap. The sky is quite dramatic, after it rained almost the entire day.

I wish you would be here. You would look at me, for a while patient, before you would try to get me off the coach. Maybe jumping on me or giving me orders, to get up. Lazy elephant, you would say.

(Actually in my phantasy I would get up immediately to hug you, because I am missing you so much. In Beirut after being with you for a few days, I would enjoy you squirreling around me. You would also tell me stories or you would finally gave up and you would sit next to me and look at your phone, while I would fall asleep on your lap again :))

Well… I better should get up now. I am not sure, what my sister wants to do with the dinner question. (We had a long day and I also send a SMS to you, but I am afraid you did not get it. So I am sending you another one.)

I will further contemplate about the pro’s and contra’s of marriage. (But I can only imagine who wonderful it would be around you all the time. Maybe we would have some little breaks in between, a few days here and then. But I am picturing it as ways to re-establish the situation of missing. And the wonderful moment of hugging you at the airport, the train-station or in front of the house after some days of absence.)

Now I am hearing mysterious noises from the kitchen. Mmh… I will inquire and then get back to you maybe later. (Maybe we will skype later… But please do not wear this pyjama top again. Wear something, so that I can not see to much of you. Also: No lipstick, and no postures like the last time, when you where lying on the bed. You were looking to cute and too sexy. This is unbearable :)

I love you







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