I will call you probably around 10pm…


I miss you. (I told you before, but I am telling you again. I will also call you later and explain to you on the phone about my various problems of missing you, and what can we do to fix it.)

You did will with the doctor, it seems to be :) (It seems to be you have the ability of patience and resilience, but also you do not allow somebody to change your pathway. That is good :))

I had a busy day, which is about to finish now. At the same day the sun is going down.

I also need to pack, since I am traveling tomorrow. So I will keep it very short. I also want to call you, when I am at home. I am getting addicted to talk to you in the evenings, if it is possible. I like it, when you are done with work, dinner, shower and you are wearing your pyjama. 

It also a wonderful to think of our world as a world that we are creating. It is still a relatively small world, since we have started to build it just recently. But it feels already quite big. At the same time, I am looking so much forward, to further make it grow and furnish it… 

Today I had several moments, when I so very much wanted to kiss you. I still want it… I would like to kiss you now. (It would just be a short, subtle kiss, but it would be… It would be really like… I really would feel the presence of you lips. These wonderful lips. Hmm… I can not continue anymore. I will just only think about kissing you :))




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