August 25, 2014 — elephant…

Dear L*,

I haven’t asked you about your leg and the stitches, nor the cold. My mind was elsewhere, preoccupied with you, although I was mainly vocal about our urgencies. I hope the cold and stitches have resolved and that you’re healthy. Most importantly, how is your wonderful mind, has it taken the road to creative twists and new avenues of discovery? I hope so, and if not today, then tomorrow it will. All of a sudden a burst of energy comes out of nowhere. As if the planets have conspired with ones’ body and mind so that nature can facilitate harmonious creation. I hope you’re in this state of being, always.

I have been passing through phases of self-doubt at times, but I should not, as many of the propagators of this feeling are not in my realm of direct control. At work though, I am doing very well. I feel that as I said above, the energy surrounding me will wilt and disintegrate into seeds of re-birth. That is how the world works, a ball bounces down, to bounce back up again and perhaps if it’s lucky enough, it would hang up there, somewhere on a hidden cloud in a world far beyond…

Today, L called me to say that they did not let him in at the embassy. It seems that he had chosen the wrong link of the short-term visa category. The guy behind the mirrored kiosk was very rude and asked him to leave. L insisted that something must have gone wrong with the link but the guy said it’s a waste of his time. He also asked L twice whether he had a work contract. Why would he ask such a question in public in front of everyone else, even though he did not have the intention to help, one could not know. L is devastated but it will work out. We’re both on the lookout for sudden openings and we need to check every other hour. This Friday may open up. I hope it does as the sooner he sends in his papers the better. His future employers in Germany are crossing fingers with him. Imagine the sheer act of moral solidarity this takes.

I have already printed out my appointment paper and it explicitly says what the purpose of my stay is. There should not be a problem, there is no need to worry.
In a minute, I will revise the document that I have sent to you via email. I see several phrases that better be corrected now that I have printed it out..

By the way, I received an email from the language school, asking whether I am interested in submitting a presentation about my country of origin. In September it seems, they will be doing an introductory gathering with all students. I liked the idea a lot :) I had to however, suggest to send a presentation in my name but to decline the actual invitation, as I will not be able to make it at the proposed time.

And you, tell me, how are you feeling?



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