My love,

I was indeed having lunch today with the golden angel, which is actaully not an angel, but the god of victory. It was build after the prussian army won a war in the 19th century… But it also was featured in Wim Wenders Wings of desire as a place where angels meet :) (So it  is not wrong to refer to this way.)

I was sitting on the rooftop of the hospital where I had to go for the check-up and the removal of the stitches… After that I thought I should had lunch up there :) (You have a nice view and I moved my chair in such a way that I faced the golden statue which I could clearly see in the sun. It was nice… I read the newspaper, for instance about the kind of weapons the germans are going to send to the kurds in Iraq now. And I also read about the german football player Mario Goetze, who shoot the goal in the final. (His father is a professor at the technical university and he complained, that his son should protect himself better from the demands of the masses, since he is facing a lot of abuse. And then there was another article about the americans punishing one of the banks who was acting wrong during the financial crises.)

I was sitting there for a while. (The elephant later had icecream, its called Silver 25, Marc de Champagne edition from Magnum. That’s what you get when you go to a hospital and get rid of the stitches… It was something what we would do with our children too… After being brave at a doctors appointment.. By the way, the process of removing the stitches was not fun altogether.

Sitting on the rooftop, I realized after a while I should sit the other way around to face the golden statue, because of you :) I thought, I should look at it, since it was on the postcard and it somekind of gave me the feeling of being connected to you.

Lucky enough I got some work done in the afternoon and I am about to leave now. It is 8pm. I will get some food for dinner and continue Breaking Bad. 

Oh… And I will do something else. I will call my baby!




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