Waterfall of kisses…

I am keeping it short today, because… I want to call you.

I will call you in half an hour, maybe :)… I will leave the building, running through the streets, with the sun almost down, I will take the train, leave the train, walk down the stairs, cross the bridge, walk further and then… (By the way on the bridge there are not an increasing number of love-locks :))

I will reach home and then I’ll talk to my dear. First: We will discuss the psychiatrist issue. Usually they are interesting people, a bit distant, peculiar, slightly cold, but not boring… But who knows, who that was, you met.

I am leaving now… (I was working a lot today. I quit reading newspaper during working hours, which is helpful to keep me balanced and energetic. I also was reading a little bit in the BFG. So I am thinking always, the character for the girl, that is you as child. But you did not have glassed, didn’t you?)

There is a piece of the sun again. I need to run… I want to talk to my dear.

What will she tell me? What are the news? (I also want to hug the entire phone, the cable, the whole air between you and me, if I am ambitious enough the hug will reach you then… And the kisses will just follow one after the other… Actually an entire waterfall of kisses….)

Hmm… a waterfall of kisses… :) that is not going to be fun… Maybe it is just a little kiss on your upper lip, a very subtle and brief one…


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