20 august 2014– Everyday I wait for you

Hello :)

I came back home an hour ago, I was chit chatting with mom. I received a few freelance proposals this afternoon and yesterday and I am figuring out whether I should take them now or suggest waiting for a month.

The Waldorf Astoria looks nice. I would like to go there just to see which type of people frequent the place. From the photos, I feel that cafe Einstein is a much nicer place. Also the Bikini mall has a huge Zara announcement!

I am curious to about your discussion with your friend. Was he surprised about our decision? 

Today at work, I had a meeting with a psychiatrist. Middle-aged, well groomed, impeccably dressed, with just the right accessories. He has Harvard certificates all over the wall. He probably loathes competition and has the ego of a whale. It was the first time I get acquainted with a psychiatrist who behaves like a classy narcotics salesman or a director from the ads industry. It was peculiar to say the least… And very boring…

Everyday, I miss you, or I wait for you is more like it. Every day, I wait for you… Hoping that the waiting will turn into certitude, knowing when exactly I will be seeing you and how to plan the coming phases. These few months will be all about work and preparation so that I may see my love. :)

The battery of the computer is about to die…

I’m publishing and closing the computer..

But before I do..

I am sending you a kiss and two and three and four and many many more…








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