Hugging space


so it says in the interview with the Berghain bouncer, one should not be afraid, when approaching the place. His theory is: People who are afraid, are not good in partying. Well… 

We sure will also check other places and only approach the Berghain if we are in the mood. (And also only after we have cold resistant plants on the balcony:))

Today in the morning I was missing you very much and I wanted to hug you. (The desire to hug you was so strong, that I almost got dizzy, while I was walking to the language school, to pick up your papers… I am also still fighting with a cold, it was indeed a mild cold initially, as you said, it went away, but today it came back :(, now figuring out what or who it wants to be, a real cold or just a little reminder, that I should take sundays off.)

The meeting with O. was nice. We met in an expensive hotel bar, at the Waldorf Astoria at Zoologischer Garten. We will go there too, it is not extremely wonderful, but pretty OK, it is a classic luxurious hotel bar atmosphere and  the beer goes for 6 Euro, which is not cheap :). O. wanted to move on to the Bikini-Mall, where they also have a bar, but I refused to go, since I decided to explore the place with you, when you come… So we stayed and ordered another beer. Tonight I will meet with another friend, this time it is going to be the Cafe Einstein, the one, we went one time for breakfast (=Frühstück :)), i think you liked it.

Now… I am again thinking of hugging you. (Hugging you means also being close to your hair, which I like so much…) I also like it, when you are up in the morning and doing you squirreling, giving me recommendations when and how to get up :)

Today I was thinking about a carpet. We need one, so that we can expand the area of the sofa. We also might need an additional blanket… These are all not only questions of interior and design, these are question of expanding the hugging-space. Its gonna be a hugging-appartement with a lot of hugging spots :)

My sweet. Where are you know? At this particular moment? At 8.05pm, which would be 9.05pm your time. At home? Taking a shower? I MISS YOU. (I alway miss you, sometimes it is a nice feeling, sometimes it is a painful feeling, and sometimes it is combination of both.)

I wish I could close my eyes and be close to you…


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