August 19, 2014– Der Elefant und Das Eichhörnchen

Dear L,

I am at work, happy that all my papers are ready! Everything happened so fast in just over a week, and all because of the elephant who did a few meetings and secured everything!

I like the idea of changing the paper tag of the doorbell, I never thought about it. What would we write? This is the house of the elephant and the squirrel…this is where the squirrel squirrels around the house and the elephant, and where the elephant behaves like an elephant because he feels very comfortable. This is also where the elephant wakes up with funny hair in the morning, looking calm and clueless, and where the squirrel starts squirreling out loud, because she’s also clueless and doesn’t like it! And should we say more, we would add, this is where the elephant and squirrel live happily together, where they cook and have hot chocolate! :)

And where is the huge place that sells plants? I’d love to go with you! First, we will map our space in our minds and research interior decoration trends to see what goes best where, then we can pick pieces that we feel will complement the balcony and the living room. Best is to pick low maintenance plants and plants that love the cold. :)

Our house will be cosy and warm, and we will hug each other in the morning on weekends when it’s raining outside :) I am also sure that we will find nice pubs to go to after our work day :)

In an hour, I will head out of the office to meet the lady at the restaurant in Ashrafieh. We’re going to discuss their catering offerings. After that, I will go home to rest, I slept for a mere 4 hours last night and I can’t wait to finally unwind!

How was the meeting with O and what are your evening plans? :)

By the way, I was reading this article about a famous bouncer at Berghain.
there’s even an application that gives updates on the length of the queue and the Bergain and tips on what to do to get it, lol :)

Loads of kisses,





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