After work hangouts


I miss you too much… My wonderful sweet dear… We will walk in the december coldness only to reach home later and sit on the couch under a blanket and I will prepare tea or hot chocolate for my baby.

Today I was thinking, I also miss eating with you, because you make me slow down while I am eating. I am eating to fast. Its kind of funny, that you as a squirrel are so slow, but as a person being so quick, sometimes even inpatient, but then you eat like an elephant, whereas I am eating like a squirrel. (Even though I think squirrels start eating and then stop, and they try everything and drop it then, but I am not sure.)

The other day, i saw a flower shop not so far from the house, but I am not sure whether it will be open in winter. And also: I want to go to the biggest flower shop in the entire city, to pick some winter plants for the balcony. (Picking winter plants for the balcony is usually really not my thing, but with you its gonna be so much fun!)

I am also looking forward for the substantial changes you will made in the house. Or at least a few ones, since we do not want to spend our entire time at places like Ikea :).

First thing what we will do, we will change the little paper sheet at the doorbell, so that everyone knows, that from now one the wonderful squirrel is living there. 

Before that there is a lot of work for me to do: For instance cleaning the windows and trying to reduce the amount of books in my shelves. And a lot of other things too.

Right now the sun is shining into my face, its a bit cooler now, summer is slowly saying goodbye, it was also raining heavily today. 

I will meet O. for a drink. I suspect that there is a little relationship crises, but we will see. (I wish I could have an afterwork drink with you though. Somewhere… We have to find places that can match our Beirut-hangouts. We will squirrel around. I am sure we will find some nice places.)




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