Yes, walking next to you…. That is wonderful.

I remember walking next to you in the morning from the parking lot to your office. Your energy was my guide through the day. I also felt alway very comfortable next to you. (There is a feeling of mutual protection, but also excitement :))

I also like to walk on Hamra road with you and on the corniche. There you slow down a bit usually :) 

I also like it when you have an idea and you want to get something or check something. All the sudden we enter a shop, but soon we are out and moving to the next one. 

And your mother reads Coelho… The Alchemist, I never have read it. We will see, how she likes it. (The german goalkeeper Oilver Kahn, the one you liked as a child, once said, the Coelho is his favourite writer. Mmh.. I don’t know, whether I can agree with that.)

But I will read BFG… 

I need to go now, too bad… I wish I could write more.



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