15 August, 2014 — The elephant gives me fuzzy feelings

Dear L*,

Oh you ordered the BFG! Is it the one with the images, the original version?

I read that Steven Spielberg is going to direct a live action version of it, I am afraid that he will not be able to portray the story in a way that creates the same feeling one feels when reading it as a child. When you’re a child you absorb it with all its classicism. He will add sound, moving images, and most probably 3D and he will deprive children of wonder and imagination, thinking and imagining  for them. What a disaster.

I hope you like the book,  as a young girl I found it fascinating as it resonated with my young personality. I would like to hear your opinion of it :)

I am home and I just finished organizing my personal files, all in one folder. I got rid of many papers and organized the rest. Mom is next to me, reading a book. She has been reading for three consecutive days, Paulo Coelho, she’s reading, it is her first time :) She likes the Alchemist a lot… I will just let her enjoy it. Before that, she was reading a Novel called The Power of a Woman, the story of a strong mother and her children.

Today at the office, I worked non-stop. I also wrote many emails, ordered an insurance policy, payed for the long-term language course, and harassed everyone with emails so that they may send the documents on time. I am expecting three official papers from different sources to be sent via express mail next week.  One from Bonn another from Dusseldorf and another from Berlin.

I also went to pick up another document from a Syrian translator who lives near the German embassy with his German wife. They are nice people and asked me a few questions about my future plans.

Did you enjoy the donut and the soup? I miss you so very much. I miss you to the extent of wanting to be with you in the coldest weather. Perhaps if I walk near the extraordinary elephant in Berlin’s cold streets, life will feel fuzzy and much warmer…










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