You are right, we need to continue our research. (I was indeed squirreling today throughout the FU area, which is a nice campus by he way, even though it is a bit off, in the south of the city.)

In the morning it was a quite cold all the sudden, the first time for weeks, and I had to wear a jacket, which later proofed to be a worthless burden. 

Yesterday I was watching Breaking Bad again. There was a nice but cruel scene, almost with poetic power. It involved a turtle, a head of a traitor and an IED. (As you can see, I continue watching it. Even though I think it does not have the power of the Wire. I am also considering to see a movie from Dominik Graf about “Schiller”, i think its called “Geliebte Schwestern”. But then I would also like to see it with you. But I am not sure how long it will run.)

During the sunday, a friend asked me to join for a trip to a lake nearby. (I wanted to work, but also I felt, I only want to do these trips with you. These rare moments of total relaxation I only want to do it with you. I think, I better work now as much as possible, “collect” hours, so that I have more time, when we see eachother.)

When will that be? October, November…? We are quite far away from a phase, where we can count the days. (I miss you… I miss you very much. So what can I do, I will ignore the phone bill, and will call you again tonight :))




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