August 9, 2014 — The elephant and squirrel will speak on the phone tonight

Dear L*,

But I do not want us to get bankrupt! We should shop reasonably and only for things we find important. :) I am now home, I stayed in today and I thought that instead of beach time, I should be working. Done is the first batch of work. I had lunch, did some reading and now I will have a ten minute nap. After that, I’ll work on my thesis. My dad and I will visit the Locanda Corsini at 7 pm.

I did some research about our situation yesterday evening. It seems we have to ask as many questions as possible as it is not an easy situation. Now I understand why R is insisting on doing it the way he is suggesting. I sent you a few emails and on Monday, we should start serious research so that we may take the right decisions. I also can see things a bit clearly, but we still have to do substantial research in Germany.

I read the Der Spiegel article, ‘The Real Danger to Israel Comes from Within, as you say, it is interesting and I do feel that unbiased intellectuals and scholars should have more say on mainstream media, at least people would get part of the balanced picture. Today, while reading about ISIS, I scrolled down to the comments section and was surprised to read comments by Americans calling Obama Muslim and blaming him for not reaching out to the Christians of Iraq. I found it a bit too much, extremism and emphasized otherness is destroying our societies, so is inequality and poverty.

Right now, heard from the living room are the sounds of cars honking, someone is getting married. The dog is also barking heavily as there are construction workers in the field. Poor workers they’re terrified, anyhow, I told him to sit, I hope he will stay put for a few minutes before I instruct him again to sit and stay.

Tonight is I’s birthday, so we’re celebrating later during the evening. You’re also calling at eight, before I leave :) I am happy you will, I also want to hear about your phone call probings and adventures :) I will also share with you my discoveries.

I love you elephant and I can’t wait for you to call me! :)








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