Shopping until we are bankrupt


Too bad, that I could not respond yesterday. As I was listening to the song, or parts of it, i was just in the mood to answer you, but then technical problems blocked me. Today I read that the fighting in Gaza continued, while the president of the biggest jewish organisation in Germany said, he had never experienced such a huge wave of anti-semtism since the second world war! (That is quite a statement, I can not really say, whether that is true. But I do also think, that there is an awful amount of hidden aggression towards israel in Germany. It goes along with a certain anti-american sentiment as well. That does not change the problem with the approach of the israeli government which is totally wrong. There was an interesting interview in the Spiegel with a sociolgist from Israel, Eva Illouz. You can find it in the english section. It is called:

Gaza Crisis: ‘The Real Danger to Israel Comes from Within’

I find it quite interesting… But today things are taking over, all our technical issues. It was a very stressful morning, I was squirreling around, but finally got some information, I will share them with you later.

Now I am going to meet with a friend (the one I travelled to the baltic sea), I will see what news she has. 

I really miss you. I feel that you have to cope with a lot of issues. It must be very stressful. But I also admire your strength, your level of organization. Its amazing, I find myself lost ocassionally. But how must you feel, since it is you who is planning to move. 

On the other hand: Its going to be so much fun, to be together. Imagine all the trips, we are going to do. We will see an awful lot of movies, exhibitions and will do a tremendous amount of cooking. At the end we will be both masters of the domestic world, especially the kitchen. 

I also looking forward to individually wash our underwear piece by piece as a reminder of A. (We will also do the C-Bath-Procedure over and over. I am not mentioning it her, since I already mentioned it in another context, but I think you know what I mean :))

Well anyway. We will have fun. (Not to forget all the shopping we will do. Shopping until we are bankrupt :))

I love you.







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