Ending with a big hug (and a little kiss)

I also read something in the newspaper today about the problems in Aarsal, stuff that you already told me on the phone. (Even though I do not like the approach of the article, suggesting, that Lebanon is almost the next target of ISIS and already on the brink of collapse.)

Parallel to all this it must feel weird to experience this absurd appointment policy of the embassy. Its like a lottery, isn’t it? Did L. got his appointment?

I did some research for additional qualification today, which was quite overwhelming, but at least I started the process. (Again the internet-research is not my thing, I guess. You are collecting information so quick, but you always feel as if you do need to work harder for it, maybe it is also in my genes, that information you should get mainly through library research, telephone calls and direct communication, only then it feels complete.)

According to that, I also tried to avoid amazon, as I was searching for the book of Road Dahl that you once recommended to me. What was the title again? Not ordering via amazon, in case of used books, gets more and more tricky, since Amazon also bought other sites and I finally gave up. I still have my amazon account. (I meditating about quitting it, since I do not like the aggressive and destructive policy of the company, one really should not order via amazon. But why I still have my account is not easy to explain :)

So I should call it a day now, I should go home. (its seven pm now, I will spend the last evening of this week at home, the other evenings are all booked out with appointments, maybe that is better for me anyway.)

By the way, the Planet of Apes movie, we saw, got one good review last sunday, and another very bad one today. (I think we are still in the middle, aren’t we? I still like it, for some parts, even though the end was poor.)

And now I am ending with a big hug. A very big one…. 



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