August 6, 2014 — Good things come to those who wait

Dear L*,

It’s 30 degrees celsius the high here, the temperature is boiling and the situation is heating up. As soon as we closed the phone yesterday fights resumed in Arsal, first between the Nusra Front and Isis and then between Isis and the Lebanese army.

But it seems that Saad Hariri, the chief of the Future Movement, has secured 1 billion dollars from Saudi Arabia in order to eradicate extremism, the money should go to the army and other security apparatuses. I hope the money will be spent wisely. This news is very recent and quite refreshing.

Also today, Nasrallah called that all Anti-Sunni television channels be closed in Iran. I think it is a very wise and perceptive decision, very strategic, because media could exacerbate sectarian conflict and create it. I have a deep belief that uncontrolled media messages and airtime have caused dire consequences in Lebanon as words wrapped in social contexts have further built up in people’s minds with time. There should be an instance when the cycle is finally broken.

Anyhow, it seems that Lebanese television stations are also taking action. I think this is the best news article I have read in months, click here.

I do not believe in uncontrolled free speech at the moment, one should be rational. Right now, I am behind intelligent state propaganda and by all means. I think the Lebanese people have had their share of inflammatory rhetoric.

In 2009, an NGO I used to work for, called for a gathering of the ost influential national NGOs. The purpose was to unite efforts, cut on duplication and fill in gaps in proposal pitching. The aim was also to unite NGOs’ voices so that we all work towards citizenship.
It was a good idea, but efforts did not yield results.

I am glad that highly competitive Lebanese media are positively cooperating.

And throughout the day I thought of my darling, how are you? Where are you and what are you doing? You’re always in my thoughts and the path I’m taking mirrors your reflection…

I should tell you about my online adventure of trying to figure out how to book an appointment at the German embassy. Even when online booking tools are meant to simplify and make things easier, they complicate and make it all the more difficult to reach the embassy. Perhaps this is the curse of having to live with constant stress of all forms, perhaps we attract it because we have been conditioned to accept it. It’s like knocking on the baker’s door and not knowing when they will be there, you know that there are a few loafs of bread in there, maybe one, maybe two, maybe none at all, and you have to check every hour to see whether the baker has decided to open. When you will eat? You cannot know.

And so I kept checking for an appointment to open up from a grim list of “Appointments for this day cant be booked anymore”, “Appointments for this date cant be booked”, “All appointments for this day are taken”, one hopes for a surprise opening, which miraculously took place at 2 p.m. in the afternoon, exactly when I decided to check for the fourth time that day. I seized the only two appointments that opened up, one for me and one for L, to whom I sent an urgent message, seize it, take it, do it now!
Happiness explodes, the mirage is not an illusion, it is the real deal, water bursts from an underground fountain and after all the searching and toiling one finally quenches their thirst. It’s okay, we can take it, that’s what we’re built for.

Patience patience, good things come to those who wait, and as Winnie-the-Pooh the cartoon character from my childhood says: “Rivers know this, there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”



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