But, I am not eating so much sweets, I think… (Also: You tend to eat the cake, that I am ordering, even though you initially refused to have one:)) Yesterday I thought automatically that the pieplant-cafe (in german: Rhabarber) is not for me alone, it is also for you. And I wished i could have shared it with you.

Summer in Berlin is going to be nice. And we can also go to the lakes, there are some nice ones, where the water is beautiful and you can swim during the summer. They also have some beaches in Berlin, the Wannsee-Bad for instance, its an option for you :) (But I am not sure whether it can compete with Beirut Beach Resorts.)

Today it was raining, and a bit cooler. In the newspaper there was a small article about the incidents in Aarsal. But it was so small, I almost missed it. Gaza was on the top, at the end, the soldier, for whom they are looking for, was already dead and they discussed the question whether troops under the control of Abbas could monitor the border.

But I checked a few articles on the situation in Aarsal, and one can only hope its gonna be an isolated incident, kind of. (I also got the photos by the way, that you were sending to me, it is interesting to see the choice, there are some nice ones, who represents certain typical elements of germany, but which also do look kind of depressing or even claustrophobic. It would be interesting to discuss with him the reasoning behind the choice.)

I am now going home and guess what I will do: I will buy some bread :) (But I am also looking forward to have more lebanese influence on my eating habits, we can try to find that little restaurant, this fast food place in Neukölln, at Sonnenallee, who supposed to have the best humus in town, so that all middle east people go there. 

I hope I can stop my self tonight and limit myself to only one episode of Breaking Bad. (Seeing three episodes is also changing my attitude a bit, I do see some recurring topics, which are not so exciting anymore. But I will certainly continue.)

I am sending you a kiss. (Its a kiss for your hair. I miss your hair today. I miss how it smells and who it captures the light occasionally. Its so beautiful, I miss it…)




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