Elephant messages

The elephant is sending his regards.

He is suffering from the heat and can not think properly, because here they do not have AC. (Idiots!)

He was eating a carrot quiche for lunch and read yesterdays paper. (Reading yesterdays paper is not good :()

What can the elephant do now? What will he do tomorrow?

He is taking a day off, well tomorrow is technically off anyway.

Tomorrow the elephant will gets up, will further read Zizek and then will go to see an exhibition about the first world war and in between he is going to eat fish from a can, onions and grilled bread (he will also read the sunday paper.)

He might have a nap in between. (He will then daydream about the Squirrel.)

Later he will call the squirrel, most likely in the evening. (He is looking forward to that. Then he can tell the squirrel whether the day was working according to the plan.)

What will the Squirrel do tomorrow? And how was it today at the beach, with your sister and your mother? 

I am sending you a kiss, by the way. I am sending hugs and kisses and will tell the elephant to be not grumpy anymore. There is no reason to be grumpy anyway.

(And the elephant will climb on his bicycle and will drive home. The evil sun is waiting already from him.)

Ah well… I think the elephant needs a cold shower. And later he will eat some bread and will meet a friend. Everything will be OK.



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