1 August, 2014 — I miss the elephant

Good morning elephant!

Lol :) You’re making fun of my planning skills! Ah well, I wanted to tell you, I have never baked a cake in my entire life, but I could definitely ask R for the recipe of his upside-down pineapple cake or the chocolate chip cake which he does so wonderfully. Today, I came in early to the office and sipped on a fresh carrot and orange juice mix. I am thinking of making this a habit for a while, drinking fresh juice instead of coffee in the morning.

Yesterday, I came into the apartment in Gemmeyze to find the landlord laying on the sofa with the television blasting in the background. She had pounced in on us uninvited as usual. I went into my room and stuffed the remainder of the items in the brown traveling hand bag. Before leaving, A summoned me and V to discuss the water issue, she also conveyed that she will be moving in with us beginning next week. I like living in Gemmeyze and in general, I felt comfortable in the convenience of the little private world that I had created there. But I was relieved that I took the right decision at the right time.

I left a letter with both our keys on the commode, the letter, explained the reasons behind my decision. I’ll tell you later about what happened, but it is good to know that the rest of the tenants are now in a state of rebellion.

Right now, my colleagues are clustered around a computer, they’re discussing wedding venues it seems, from what I hear, a place called Cherry Blossom Hotel. It’s wedding season in the country, especially right after Ramadan. A doctor also passed by, the janitor now is strolling in the corridor with his cleaning equipment, and the young brother of my colleague said hello to everyone.

Today, I’m planning to work after office hours, I sometimes wish I have the flexibility to work at a coffee shop during office hours then get back to the office and then leave and work elsewhere! R, who lives in Berlin, has a flexible work environment he says, he also gets a two day sick leave without having to report to a doctor, how un-American (as many states in the US, do not provide days off during a year, or maternity leave or payed sick leave…). The institution here prides itself on being American, perhaps it is a good “American citizen”, as it gives substantial employee benefits.

Ah well, I wanted to have lunch with you at 12:00, I kept thinking of my elephant. Where is he now and why isn’t he at the university cafeteria?

I miss you and I cannot wait for everything to fall in place so that I can hug my baby every single day.




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