July 31, 2014 — Eating cake and sitting on your balcony

Dear L*,

Today’s a long day, I finished several of my tasks in the morning and I am now feeling quite uneasily at the office. I feel like leaving so that I can do other things in a different setting. For a quick break, I took 15 minutes  away from the computer and delved into phase two of the German module.

What are you doing right now? I was happy yesterday when you called. By the way, I came across an online article about relationships and this is what the blogger had to say:

“When you meet someone and there is that magnetic attraction feeling. That person is the perfect mirror to reflect back to you areas that you need to heal. The healing is then your job, instead of becoming offended by these deep soul divulges; you dive deeper into the relationship with yourself (not fixing the other person) to see what the root of the pain is from. It is also your partner’s job to do the same. We are always just projecting ourselves onto another, what we love about them are areas we are comfortable with within ourselves and have healed. Areas that offend us or draw in negative emotions like fear and anger, are areas we need to heal deep within ourselves.”

I think the latter is a pretty accurate description of relationships and what attracts us to the other on a subconscious level. In general, I agree with the author.

I miss you so very much and I wish I could touch you and hug you. Right now after a work day, I just want to be with you in the room in Berlin, to walk on the white wooden floor and to sit on the bed and read. The weather remains moderate throughout the week and Summer days are long, maybe I can bake a cake so that we can have coffee on the balcony. We can also have a walk at Mauerpark.

I miss my elephant and I long for his company.



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