Oh, this elephant has a lot of tattoos ! (Maybe we can use that as an inspiration to spicy up my natural body surface… An elephant skin is already a very structured intense surface with a lot of natural tattoos, I guess…  There is that saying that people have an “elephant skin”, but I do not have that, unfortunately… That means you can block off a lot things that are not important and that one can not  easily irritated you.)

It is such a cute picture! I like it! (Well, there is very cute person behind that… This person is in itself such a wonderful world, I can not wait to get closer to that world…)

I bought an additional pair of shoes today! I bought also “thingies” and Haribo (four packs, all for your sister…)

I am sorry to hear how they treated L. at the embassy. (These embassy people who are operating the system are sometimes very stupid and ignorant, so we have to cheer him up a bit.)

And I found this here, there are two squirrels, and you know what it is, it is a “Tapetentier”… Well, I am not sure whether you can translate that. The main word is actually “Tapete”, I found it under http://raumgerecht.de/…. 




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