June 19, 2014 — Tomorrow at 6:45 p.m.


How is my baby? Have you packed yet? :):):)

My friend L just came back from the German embassy, he is upset and angry, as he had to wait for hours before his interview with a dirty smelling crowd of lower class Lebanese and non-Lebanese people. He thinks all those in the waiting room were going to abuse the system, wondered whether normal Lebanese ever go to Germany and thought that it is unfair to have to be treated in a condescending manner even though he’s a perfectly legal model citizen with all his papers in order. But I believe it will be smooth for him, he will get a visitor’s visa in two weeks’ time, there is no need to worry.

We will see L at my parent’s house on Saturday, he’s joining for the cheese and wine gathering and will watch the football match with us. Good thing you got dad a couple of beers, as June 21 is Father’s Day in Lebanon :)

I got a university acceptance today by the way. We will discuss options further when you’re here…

Oh, also, someone very special is flying to Beirut on a jet plane tomorrow and I cannot wait to greet him!!!!!!





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