Florilegium means “Blütenlese”

Hi sweet,

I learned a new word: florilegium :) (The smart squirrel was bringing it up.) I also liked the picture. And I am also impatient. (A minute ago I destroyed the alarm clock of my sister unintentionally and now I am without the time.)

I am in bed, wondering whether I should see a bit of the Russia South Korea game, but I better catch some sleep, since I do not want to be tired when I am arriving, in THREE DAYS.

I have all these fantasies, these moments imagining you, your body, your words, your squirrelism. (Do you think we will need a few minutes or an hour to get used to each other, like the last time? But this time I want you to park the car, so that I can properly hug you, I am thinking about this moment too much. (To have you in my arms. It is better when you are not in front of the car. There also too many cars and people around.)

Tomorrow I will meet my mother for breakfast and then will take the train back to Berlin at lunch time. (Thursday I will finalize the packing and I am also going to call you:))

Today I met relatives of mine. They are married for 50 years. They reached the so called “Goldene Hochzeit”, kind of amazing. (But I prefer to be together with you for the next hundred years, or a few years longer. We will see…. Hopefully the squirrel does not get bored sitting on the back of the elephant for such a long time. But I think you get to have a nice view over there and then we will go for  walk.)

I will go to bed now, baby…. (How wonderful it will be, saturday morning. I will wake up and you are going to be there. I can not wait to be aware of your presence, move closer to you and hold you in my arms.)

Good night.



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