June 15, 2014 — 5 more days



It’s a nice Sunday morning, it’s cloudy and there’s a breeze of fresh air, a little bit like autumn weather and I’m dreaming of going places with you. My imagination is quite energetic and I feel like going to all sorts of parties with you and to explore so many things…

Yesterday I was also listening to La Ritournelle and I was thinking of all the traits that make you the beautiful person that you are…When you come here, we’re going to the beach on an afternoon, there’s a nice resort in Damour that you will like…

Last week I tried to get you a hat, there’s a brown hat that I liked, but I thought it would be better if you were with me so that you can try it on! :) Lol :) It will be fun!

I cannot wait to experience every day with you!












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