June 11, 2014 — Watching you smile and other simple pleasures

My dear darling,

Yesterday, I received your blog post on my phone right after I finished field-work. I sat on one of the green benches on campus and read your thoughts with quiet enthusiasm as pleasant feelings took over me. I kept imagining you stopping in the shade to read the sms message. I also imagined your smile, I love it and sometimes I keep playing it in my mind, like that time when you smiled right before safely closing your eyes to sleep. You have different types of smiles that pop out according to the emotional situation. I also like it when you laugh out loud, and I hope to hear your laughter every day and always.

It is getting a bit more harmonious at home these days, yesterday I helped the landlord pack and the new Romanian guy was mixing a powder solution to get rid of cockroaches. Today the Dutch girl and I are going to put the washable carpets in the washing machine. For now, I am enjoying this type of interaction, especially that I am staying home to read and work, it is not bad to interrupt my workflow with a bit of socializing, teamwork and mindless uncomplicated home errands as it helps me focus on the thesis and take voluntary small breaks in between.

Today I read an article  in one of the local newspapers about the World Cup predictions of German scholars at the University of Cologne. It seems that several mathematicians have gathered their well-researched facts to reach the conclusion that Brazil is most likely to win. The story was extracted from an article at the daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. They probably could not find a coveted octopus with psychic abilities to replace Paul!

Tell me, what are you doing today? I also need to know exactly when you will be landing on Friday so that I may arrange to pick you up :)






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