June 9, 2014 — 11 days left

My darling,

Good morning!

What were you wearing yesterday at the beginning of our Skype meeting? I haven’t seen this brown shirt before :) You looked perfect, even though the image became slightly distorted later on. I am at the office right now, still having coffee. This time, even though I had slept for a mere six hours, I feel reinvigorated, possibly because of the relaxing day spent at the beach and undoubtedly because I saw your face yesterday on Skype if only for a few minutes.

The sky is luminous, there is not a single cloud scattered anywhere, perhaps the clouds have decided to make way for your arrival, or maybe they’re traveling to Berlin so that they may carry you back here and then leave abruptly. The tele transporter was a fad, now clouds are in, people are using them more often. They’re malleable and can manifest into many forms, like magical stairs that lead to my balcony in Gemmeyze. Touristic travelers love them, as they get to float above sceneries from different countries. But we prefer the tele transporter anyway, as it’s fast, and we’re both fidgety when it comes to heights; besides, in the tele transporter, one can dress up, get a suitcase, step in and walk into the desired destination. Ah well, both methods have their advantages…

Once a young girl at the airplane on my way back from Berlin to Beirut asked me whether we could walk on the beautiful clouds, then I explained to her what clouds really are, “they look like cotton, but they aren’t made from the same material, they’re condensed fog”, I said.

I long to touch you and kiss you, especially on your face and chest. I miss being next to you and I am hoping that this week will pass as quickly as it started.  Words cannot quite grasp my feelings of longing to embrace you or to merely be by your side.

There are eleven days left…







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