Squirrel delirium

Sweet dear,

I agree with your comment on the statement on education :)

That is a typical american way to put things together and create something which serves the purpose to simplify things. (Initially it is tempting, but later it sounds empty and hollow.)

I was working a lot today and now I am feeling quite exhausted. (In between a had these thoughts about you. About your body, about you and about you and your body, which I think is somekind of the same :). It think the whole sexuality thing is similar to the experience at the sea, there are some waves and in between you look bewildered about the beauty and wideness and the next moment you have the feeling of peace and comfort, before the next wave comes.)

But I also always want to talk to you about EVERYTHING. (Sometimes I find your voice exciting, in a sexual way, then it also makes me feel comfortable. But I also like your voice when you are driving. I like to look into your face and listen both to the sounds of your mysterious car, your voice, and my inner sounds, which reflect the perfection of your profile… (too beautiful, so that I have to close my eyes now.) I like to listen to you, while you are controlling the car, controlling the traffic and also surprising me with your spontaneous moves.)

Today I read in a book, that as a couple you should never try to change each other, you should just analyze each other and then draw conclusions. So if I ever want to slow you down while you are driving to fast, I will talk about your beauty, and will not stop to make you compliments, trying to kiss your shoulder and whatever I will try to kiss, so that you get angry a bit, distracted and then you will slow down :), not that I actually want to slow your down normally :))

I am just loosing myself, drifting in my imaginary pictures of you. (16 days. I can not stand it anymore. I will come to Beirut and will fill huge bottles with your scent, sent them back with DHL, store them in the house, and will make use of them whenever I want to… )

I will stop now, I better go out, buy the internet radio :) and stop the squirrel delirium. :)




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