June 6, 2014 — until the fourteenth sunrise and sunset

My darling,

Many times, my ardent affection cannot be put into writing neither can it be contained in words. Sounds that are put together to make words are expressive to a limit unless paired with cues that address other senses. Like the eyes, and their vast ability for visual absorption, or the touch which also absorbs… taste, smell…. It is about different forms of vibrations. Your vibrations profoundly and positively affect my well-being, as they are transmittable, like an instrumental sound so contagious it creates a symphonic miracle. Your voice as an example, eases me.

Right now, I’m getting ready to leave the office and some doctor just tweeted this quote: “The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.” — JFK

The statement was made decades ago but is still relevant today. I am tempted to explain all that is wrong with such an elitist American capitalist statement. I feel it could only fit in Fox News or make a nice abode in the mind of some naive good-willed American or worse, that of a neocolonialist. What is truth anyway? The invalidity of this statement calls for a dissertation!  lol :)

There are fourteen more days left until we see each other again. Fourteen more days left until we kiss. Fourteen more days until we discuss trivial matters that will add comfort to our togetherness. I should drop the carpets in the washing machine and iron your clean shirts. I’ll do so on Monday… :)




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