How many days?

It also looks nice with colour :) But for the T-shirt it works better in black and white I guess. (It’s so nice !!! :))

I also got your message this moment.

Today I am bit slow and tired. I guess, I will leave soon and continue to clean my appartment.

I like this piece from the Plato speech, you send to me the other day. It is a nice concept. (I also have the feeling sometimes, that I am not complete anymore, being here all by myself, even though I am someone, who also can manage well to be alone, but with you… I can not manage being without you. I sometimes feel that you are an externalization of my energy, which is partly trapped and imprisoned, kind of. You walking next to me or being around changes that a bit, or a least I am feeling very comfortable.)

How many days do we have left?

Tonight I am planning to watch a movie and then tomorrow, things will go further and I will move faster in a squirrel-kind of speed.

What are you doing right now? I MISS YOU.

I will go to SMSGott and send you kiss.



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