The endless kiss


today I was thinking, I would like to kiss you.

(One thing I would like to do and I was thinking about it for a while, is the endless kiss. This I would like to do. I would wander around your body and kiss every spot. I was daydreaming about that today, in the morning, while it was raining. (I was carrying a pink umbrella, to buy some “Brötchen”, and then I was daydreaming about it) … How it would be…. How much time it will take.

I would start with your knee maybe, and then I would go down to the left foot. Kiss after Kiss. The front of the leg and the back of the leg. So many kisses….  :) It will take some time to kiss your left foot though. And I am also thinking: How can i kiss the little spot between your smallest toe and the neighbouring toe? Thats gonna be difficult. But I will find a solution. It will take some time though. This kind of kiss…. Because then there is also your hair! It will take time. It will take…..

… forever :) (Because it is so wonderful and I probably will pretend that I missed a spot, after reaching your right ear at the end, and that I have to start all over again.)

Kissing every spot. It will be an endless kiss. (I also want to KISS you now, like we sometimes do. These kind of frozen teenager kisses, we sometimes do. I love it.)

When are we going to kiss again. In 22 days? 



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