Get well soon!

Hi Squirrel,

I am sitting again in front of Subway. This time it is raining. (With rain the atmosphere is even more weird here.) But it logistically spoken a good deal. I pass by, check my mails, write to you and then drive home. (I imagine when you come to Berlin, we are going to have internet at home, I think. It is probably unavoidable :))

Now I am getting you message :) (I am responding with sms gott.)

It is now 7.30, probably too late for any sports activity. (I will delay it until tomorrow :))

I finally managed to regroup the various parts of the sofa and now it looks better. (We will see how you going to like it though :) We certainly will have flowers. We also will have flowers on the balcony. But this is tricky business. We do not want to have the usual flower ensemble on the balcony, we want something special. Very special flowers. An ensemble of charismatic beauty :)  I am looking forward to cruise through big garden shops together with you and watch your  taking things into consideration and planning the gardening of the balcony, and then we will argue about colors, aura and scent of the various flowers :)

The other day I saw a nice golden yellowish carpet, but I did not buy it (would not want to do anything without your approval.)

Now a young couple with a lot of tattoos and piercings celebrating their subway sandwich. It is the “Adlershof” crowd, I guess. If there is one. (Similar people that also R. has to deal with in Berlin.) Time for me to leave.

I am sending a kiss to the most wonderful squirrel in the world. (And we will go to the new park in Beirut tto. I am looking forward to that :))



(Oh now I am getting another SMS, saying you are sick a bit ? Mmh… I will call you later!)


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