Infinity chocolate caramel

I had indeed some ice cream today :) (It’s called “infinity”. That probably means that the pleasure is endless. But then the pleasure is is over after a few bites. This endless pleasure I combined with finishing “non-place” from Marc Auge. At the end he is talking about our desire to finally colonize the moon and the mars and to expand all these non-places into outer space. I found it also interesting when he described the concept of “local”. From the point of view of the global system, the local is considered to be the outside. The global system is considered to be the inside. That means a virtual global meta city, which rules the world, consisting from all the bigger cities all over the word, does exclude all these local places. Areas that are too specific, too local. So what is local is therefore on the border, almost out of it. (That means maybe when I am sitting outside in a coffee place, reading Auge, I am outside, if I look for too long on the floor or look for too long at the flying seed in the air, which looks like snow crystals..,,) I stopped therefore and went back to work :).

Now the sun is almost gone. Its like yesterday, when we spoke on the phone. But I am still working now…. (Yesterday the feeling I had was both painfully and full of longing and desire. There is this nice german word called “Sehnsucht”, which is a mix of desire and longing. (I like that it includes the term “addiction” (= Sucht) without being negative about it. It is a complicated word. You can look at it and think: Its too much but then love is maybe something which overstretches everything, does not have any border and also no place. Maybe that is also the reason why we both like to talk about daily things and the banality of daily life. Talking about these topics is kind of an attempt to capture the love, which is all over the place. (The idea, to put love in a little golden prison of the daily routine, which makes the conversation about the best deals concerning toilet paper or the question whether we need to buy a little table for the balcony so precious.)

But now I will go home. (No movies tonight. I will read something. I don’t know what though. I wish I could read in your face :), while you are reading something else. I wish we would sit in front of each other and occasionally exchanging glances.)

I am waiting for more voice messages. One lady says: This is the service of so so so, you have a new message. And the other lady says. “Smily, Smily. You are also.. Smiley.” Unfortunately I can not send you these precious robot ladies, because you do not have a landline.

I will send a virtual kiss though….



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